PernixData announced NFS support and adds RAM to FVP


Satyam Vaghani, CTO of PernixData just announced a whole bunch of new features in their FVP product at Storage Field Day 5. With the FVP software, companies can accelerate any virtualized application using server RAM and/or flash, making it ideal for deployment in any server environment.  In addition, FVP can be deployed in conjunction with file, block or direct attached storage, ensuring seamless integration with all existing (and future) SAN, NAS and DAS devices.  With these new enhancements, … [Read more...]

NexentaStor 4.0 Community Edition Now Available!


This latest version of NexentaStor delivers significant performance, reliability and functionality improvements to NexentaStor. Having passed through rigorous engineering, customer and partner testing with flying colors. NexentaStor will continue to be available in two editions: Community Edition (free, full-featured, community supported software for configurations up to 18TB), and Enterprise Edition (licensed by the size of the storage pool). NexentaStor 4.0 is Citrix and VMware Ready and … [Read more...]

The VMware Community is just Awesome! #vExpert


Last night The complete list of 2014 vExpert’s were announced! This year 754 people were named vExpert. Here is the full list of vExperts 2014. I’ve been honored again to be named a vExpert again this year. I’m very happy to be part great list of impressive names. For those unknown with the term: “vExpert” is not a technical certification or even a general measure of VMware expertise. The judges selected people who were particularly engaged with their community and who had developed a … [Read more...]

CloudPhysics – Datacenter Analytics Done Right


The first presenter at Virtualization Field Day 3 is CloudPhysics. We visited their beautiful office in Mountain View, California to get fully updated on their latest technology. Presenters: Irfan Ahmad, CTO, John Blumenthal, CEO of CloudPhysics and Krishna Raj Raja, Product Management (Mister @esxtopGuru!) CloudPhysics has an unique approach, they have a small Collector vApp that you need to install in your environment and it collects the inventory and performance data from your VMware … [Read more...]

VSAN Pricing


This is definitely going to radically change the way we are going to be using shared storage. VSAN is priced at $2,495 per CPU. with Data Protection Advanced $2,875 per CPU. VSAN for Desktop is priced at $50 per Concurrent or named user. VSAN pricing compared to external storage VSAN is priced much lower per desktop compared to traditional storage. Here’s a small overview of what investment must be made to get the shared storage for Virtual Desktops. With VSAN there is only a 3 node … [Read more...]

vSphere 5.5 Update 1 released to include VMware VSAN


VMware VSAN has been long awaited storage feature which is “baked” into the hypervisor and which enables to use locally attached disks and SSD drives, to create a storage pool across the whole cluster. Without the need for an external SAN or NAS. Full release notes can be found here What's New VMware today has released their latest update to vSphere 5.5 Update 1. This update includes updates for most of the VMware products to include VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN). vCloud Hybrid Service … [Read more...]

#VFD3 Virtualization Field Day 3 – Live Stream


Today is the day that Virtualization Field Day 3 is about to start. Watch the live stream below and please ask questions you want me to ask to the presenters via twitter (@mbroeken). If the live stream is offline, please wait till the stream will go live again when we are ready. Live Stream Agenda, times are (PST) UTC-8 Wednesday, Mar 5 – 9:30 – 11:30  CloudPhysics Presents at Virtualization Field Day 3 Wednesday, Mar 5 – 13:00 – 15:00 Atlantis Computing Presents at Virtualization Field … [Read more...]

Virtualization Field Day 3 is approaching!


While I’m counting the days… In less than a week the twitter tag #VFD3 will be in your twitter timeline, a lot. I am happy to be among the 11 delegates that where voted and invited for Virtualization Field Day 3 hosted in Silicon Valley on March 5th - 7th. If you never heard of the Tech Field Day event before I encourage you to watch the event closely. It’s one of the best online events where you will actually will learn a lot, technology deep dives are normal and the best of all, you will be … [Read more...]

VOTE NOW – 2014 Top VMware & Virtualization Blogs


Like every year Eric Siebert organized voting on the top of the best blogs in the industry, ranked by you, our readers, peers, and industry experts. This year there are over 300!! blogs dedicated to VMware and virtualization. Here’s your chance to pick your favorites and determine the top blogs. Last year I was really amazed that vClouds got #38th place! This Year vClouds is also listed also as favorite Storage Blog and Favorite Independent Blogger.  My Picks: Choose your favorite … [Read more...]

Atlantis ILIO USX, In-Memory Performance for Servers


Today at VMware PEX, Atlantis Computing Announced ILIO USX, The First In-Memory Storage Solution for Server Workloads. I’ve been a big fan of Atlantis ILIO for a while now. There is nothing faster than reading or writing to memory. The Atlantis solution is a great fit for VDI / persistent and non-persistent desktops. While I was testing ILIO for a while in my lab, I was always wondering why this bunch of storage appliances that do a very good job with inline-deduplication and … [Read more...]