vClouds.nl is a blog mainly about Virtualization. strongly focused on VMware technology, EUC,  Software Defined Storage and Software Tools. vClouds.nl is the personal blog of Marco Broeken – vExpert 2013-2018. vClouds was voted number #38 of the best blogs in the industry in 2013. In the end of 2015 we have a new blogger (Dennis  Signond) joining vClouds.nl as a regular writer. The blog is going be a little bit more EUC /DaaS focused than it used to be.

Marco BroekenMarco Broeken

I work in IT since 1999. For the last few years as a Virtualization / Infrastructure Architect, I design virtualized infrastructures with a high specialization on VMware and Storage.

I try to be active in the VMware community. In 2013 I received the vExpert award, this was continued in 2014 till 2018. I am also one of the co-founders of the #vRockstar event, organized every year on Sunday before VMworld Europe starts.

Dennis SigmondDennis Signmond

Dennis Sigmond is an enthusiastic IT Architect working for Login Consultants and specialized in the DaaS and EUC market. Dennis has over 15 years of experience in IT. Member of the vEUC Techcon team and vExpert 2017 – 2018. Twitter handle: @D_Sigmond



The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly my own and do not represent my employers.

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