All you need to know about Load Balancing VMware Cloud on AWS

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It is no surprise that VMware is the most used running hypervisor in the datacenter today. It’s also no surprise that customers are going cloud first in their plans going forward.
Having a Hybrid solution where you manage your AWS “Cloud” part from your normal vCenter as it’s your normal local infrastructure is very easy to adopt.

VMware Cloud on AWS offers customers a way to easily deploy proven solutions across private and public infrastructures using a consistent and familiar set of tools. I personally think VMware on AWS is a fantastic option for hybrid Clouds.

Load Balance your application workload between on premisis and VMware Cloud on AWS

Managing availability on application level is preferred. Where you can split your workloads between the on premises and the VMware Cloud on AWS. Most of the time you will need some kind of load balancing solution to load balance the traffic between the application server farms. I found out that with KEMP loadbalancers you can even use Global Load Balancing to direct users to the application location closest to the users location. Awesome right?

You might think that you probably want to use AWS Application or Elastic Load Balancer to accomplish the same. but there are some drawbacks in their solutions. I tried to summarize the most important stuff you probably need in your environment:

How the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) compares to AWS native Load Balancers

Features Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Virtual LoadMaster (VLM)
Layer 4 Load Balancing V V
Layer 7 Load Balancing X V
Clustering X V
High Availability V V

Features Application Load Balancer (ALB) Virtual LoadMaster (VLM)
Source IP
Content Caching / Compression X V
Clustering X V
WAF Protection X V

With native support for VMware and VMware on AWS, KEMP LoadMaster provides a consistent experience across on premises and cloud deployments whether using the vRealize suite or the native UI and API.

Why KEMP for VMware?

  • Native support for VMware virtualization platforms in AWS and on-premises
  • Integration with vRealize suite for consistent management across platforms
  • Easily deliver resilient, multi-location services with GSLB

Learn more about Load Balancing Applications in AWS with KEMP Technologies

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