VCAP5-DCA BETA exam details

Last week I was invited to participate in the beta VDCA511 exam at no cost! thanks for that Randy! The exam consists of approximately 26 live lab activities and consists of multiple tasks, where each task is scored. This is down from 36 questions in the VCAP4-DCA exam which I think is much better as I struggled through the VCAP4-DCA to try finish all the questions in time, and made some mistakes because of this The total time for this exam is 210 minutes. Candidates who take the VCAP5-DCA … [Read more...]

VCP4 Exam Blueprint Study Notes

Section 1 – Plan, Install and Upgrade VMware ESX/ESXi Objective 1.1 — Install VMware ESX/ESXi on local storage Knowledge Identify minimum hardware requirements – Extra Links #1 Download, prepare and validate installation media Determine appropriate ESX/ESXi configuration in a given situation - Obtain required information for environment - Verify hardware against the VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide – Extra Links #1 Perform a custom installation - Customize storage layout for given … [Read more...]

VCP4 Study Guides

Blog from scottVessey's vmware training: Now that the VCP on vSphere 4 exam is finally live, VMware have released a number of official resources to help those who want to obtain what will quickly become the new "industry standard" virtualization certification. … [Read more...]

The road to VCP 4 certification

source: I take the VCP410 exam without further training?I attended the VI3, Install & configure course but didn’t take the exam yet. Can I take the VCP exam instead? Maureen Lonergan wrote a very neat article on this, ‘Ahead of the learning curve’In this article Maureen talks about the various road which lead to VCP4 certification. In short? VCP on ESX 2.x?Until December 31st, you can take the VCP3 exam without … [Read more...]