All you need to know about Load Balancing VMware Cloud on AWS

It is no surprise that VMware is the most used running hypervisor in the datacenter today. It's also no surprise that customers are going cloud first in their plans going forward. Having a Hybrid solution where you manage your AWS "Cloud" part from your normal vCenter as it's your normal local infrastructure is very easy to adopt. VMware Cloud on AWS offers customers a way to easily deploy proven solutions across private and public infrastructures using a consistent and familiar set of … [Read more...]

Nutanix is innovating at the speed of Cloud (#vRetreat)

I remember back in November 2012 at Virtualization Field Day 2 where Nutanix was presenting for the first time at a Field Day. Dheeraj Pandey, CEO and co-founder gave us a quick introduction to Nutanix. The company was only 2,5 years old back then and they has released their first Hyper Converged block in the public as the first HCI vendor. It was pretty amazing. Dheeraj did a very good job presenting. And it feels ages and ages ago. So I'm going to fast forward to today where Nutanix is no … [Read more...]