Tintri added 2 New All Flash Arrays to their Portfolio

I just had a great chat with Tintri Sr. Director of Products Chuck Dubuque about a new newest addition in the VMstor family of arrays. Tintri just announced 2 new All Flash Arrays. Hooray. Awesome news! Great to see a brand new array in this space that is doing real per VM QOS next to Solidfire that can also do something similar. Tintri also released a brand new version of their Tintri OS 4.0 and Tintri Global Center 2.1. Enhancements in this new 4.0 software release are mainly additions … [Read more...]

VMware & StorMagic deliver a 2-node HA Storage Solution with vSphere ROBO edition next to VSAN

StorMagic (a UK company) has a very interesting and cost effective product called SvSAN which is a iSCSI Virtual SAN specifically designed for Remote Branch Offices which require a local HA storage infrastructure and central management. Today Stormagic announces a new collaboration with VMware to deliver a 2-node HA Storage Solution for the existing VMware Remote Branch Offices edition. The VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Office Edition (datasheet) will combine vSphere with StorMagic’s … [Read more...]

Nutanix Technology Champion #NutanixNTC

With 2015 around the Corner, Nutanix just announced for the first time the list of Nutanix Technology Champions for this year (2014). I must say that I’m very happy and honored to say that I have made it on the 2014 list! I’m a 2014 NTC! Yay! The NTC award is similar to the VMware vExpert and the Cisco Champion community awards, rewarding members of the community on their efforts in sharing their knowledge and enabling fellow community members. Thanks to Nutanix CCO Laura Whalen and … [Read more...]

#VeeamON 2014, It’s All About the Partners

For a first ever event that Veeam has organized for themselves with a great lineup of platinum and other sponsors. I must say that Veeam managed to get things right.  The partner keynote on Monday was packed. Great fun keynote! but almost identical to the one today. Ratmir Timashev Veeam’s CEO Ratmir Timashev was visibly nervous during the whole keynote but he seems to like to be on stage and make some jokes :). Veeam choose to do a late-night-talk-show like interview which was a very … [Read more...]