New VMware Fling – VMware OS Optimization Tool for View

The VMware OS Optimization tool helps your VMware View (VDI) implementation team to optimize the template desktop OS and provide your users with more optimized desktops. The optimization tool adds value by increasing the system performance. Windows system has set of services that are enabled by default;  This tool optimizes the desktop to increase performance by reducing the unnecessary processor usage, services, memory usage and the network usage by disabling services and tuning the system for … [Read more...]

10Zig 5818v Windows Embedded 8 Thin Client Review

10ZiG announced their first WE8 Thin Client, the 5818v. This device is using a new D2550 dual core Intel Atom Processor and therefor has a extremely low power consumption. The 5818v comes with 2GB of DDR3 RAM,  16GB of local storage, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet and Intel GMA 3650 graphics. This extremely small form factor WE8 Unit, the 5818v, offers dual monitor support as standard, is VESA mountable, and has optional internal 812.11b/g/n wireless. After unboxing and powering on the … [Read more...]

Tintri and VMware Horizon View Whiteboard

This video looks at a new VMware Horizon View 5.2 reference architecture with Tintri. This solution allows customers to go from power-on to first VMs in less than 30 minutes. Tintrí's flash-first hybrid architecture ensures that dedicated and floating pools of users have great performance and that IT can scale out VDI storage easily and cost-effectively. Together with VMware View. Tintri provides customers with a cost-effective and high-performance virtual desktop solution. … [Read more...]

Significantly improve your View video playback performance

While reading some blog posts on View Video performance I stumbled upon this blog post. The video performance of a View desktop can be significantly improved with just a few modifications. For desktop VMs using VMXnet3 NICs, you can significantly improve the peak video playback performance of your View desktop by simply setting the following registry setting to the value recommended by Microsoft: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Afd\ParametersFastSendDatagramThreshold to 1500 [As … [Read more...]