Cool Free Tool: End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator

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Today, My employer ITQ released the GA version of EUPSCO (End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator). A cool new tool!

Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 (SCO2012) enables you to automate processes in your data center, regardless of hardware or platform. Using Orchestrator, you can automate your IT operations and standardize on best practices to improve operational efficiency. Orchestrator allows you to connect different systems from different vendors without any knowledge of scripting or programming languages.

SCO2012 is a powerful tool for automating IT processes, however you still need the IT department to activate runbooks.

To bring operational efficiency to the next level the End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator discloses runbooks to the end user.

Think of the time (and money) you can save by automating:
– Creating new accounts
– Creating shared mailboxes
– Resetting passwords
– Creating new virtual machines
– and much more

End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator allows you to create a catalogue of run book services to be started by every single user… and best of all it´s FREE!

ITQ developed the End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator based on the principle of ‘More power to the people’. We offer organizations a tool which helps them to reduce IT involvement, be more flexible and give control to end users.

Take a look at and experience the simplicity and ease of use of the End User Portal for System Center Orchestrator.

Disclaimer: This free tool was released by my employer ITQ.

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