I’m going to VMworld Barcelona, My Schedule

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Last night I got the following e-mail: VMware is happy to offer you a complimentary conference pass as a blogger to VMworld 2012 in Barcelona.

I want to thank John Mark Troyer (@jtroyer) and Alex Maier (@vmwarecommunity) for arranging the blogger passes! Big Thanks!

Today I created my VMworld 2012 Barcelona Session schedule. I created a mixture group discussions and technical deep dive sessions of subject matters I need to know more about:

  1. EUC1357  —  Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service with VMware View
  2. INF-STO2980  —  vSphere 5 Storage Best Practice
  3. INF-VSP1329  —  PowerCLI Best Practices:  The Return!
  4. GD26  —  vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) and Virtual Volumes (VVols) with Suzy Visvanathan
  5. INF-VSP1295  —  vCAT — Architecture to Implementation in 5 Easy Steps
  6. INF-STO2192  —  Distributed Storage: Tech Preview Of a Virtual SAN Technology
  7. INF-STO2223  —  Tech Preview: vSphere Integration with Existing Storage Infrastructure
  8. GD07  —  Wanova Mirage with Scott Davis
  9. GD24  —  vSphere Storage Best Practices with Cormac Hogan
  10. INF-VSP1475  —  VMware vSphere 5 Design Discussions
  11. GD29  —  Cloud Infrastructure Suite Architecture with Duncan Epping
  12. GD41  —  vCloud Director Architecture, IntegraIon and Orchestration with Chris Knowles

Most sessions I really wanted to see I already followed in San Francisco. You can create your own schedule here

If you are not able to make it: Veeam is offering you the opportunity to win a FREE PASS to VMworld 2012  09-11 October in Barcelona. See you there!

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