It’s time to Hook SMB into the Cloud with PHD Virtual 6.2

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Full VM Restore

I am restoring a full copy of the VM containing my blog (around 8Gb).


my lab network is running on VDS (VMware vSphere Distributed Switch) but restore to this VDS is not possible. So let’s restore to my Trend Micro port group, and manually switch to VDS afterwards.

The restore took 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete.

My Thoughts

PHD Virtual Backup v6.2 is delivering a powerful product that makes it easy to take advantage of affordable automated cloud storage as offsite backup location. This is a great solution for an environment that is a 100% virtualized. With CloudHook, PHD Virtual is providing a great way for SMBs to become less vulnerable to accidents, disasters and failures. Cloud Backup feels very stable and is fast due to their good dedeuplication and use of changed block tracking. But the best part again… It is an appliance. No single Windows or MSSQL license required.

PHD Virtual Backup allows you to easily deploy multiple Virtual Backup Appliances thus creating an unprecedented scalability, without the cost and complexity that other solutions entail. Need more information? Product documentation, help, and videos are available that describe all of the available configuration options, features and functionality of PHD Virtual Backup and its components on the PHD Virtual Web site and

Also please take a look at the PHD promo video:

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by PHD Virtual.

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