VMware View 4: An improvement to View 3, but still a ways to go

Earlier this week, VMware unveiled details of View 4, the latest version of its desktop virtualization product.This seems like a pretty big deal, and while in many ways it is, View 4 also leaves a lot to be desired.Back in 2008, VMware announced View 3 in October, and the product was released that December. View 3 has several major features and components, including the following: View Composer single-image management ThinApp application virtualization Offline client mode (classified as … [Read more...]

VMware Command-Line Interface commands

The Windows command-line interface provided for managing ESX/ESXi systems is an invaluable tool for managing ESX infrastructure at the command-line. When using ESXi without a service console the CLI becomes even more useful. ESXi 4.0 RCLI: … [Read more...]

SRM 4.0, Howto’s by Cormac Hogan

Cormac Hogan, posted some excellent guides for SRM 4.0: Steps to setup VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 4.0 with IBM SVCVMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 4.0 is a disaster recovery product which uses array replication technologies to failover from one site to another. This particular document looks at one particular vendor (IBM) and one particular array model (SVC). The document will take you through the replication and snapshot setup steps. Steps to setup VMware vCenter Site Recovery … [Read more...]

VCP4 Study Guides

Blog from scottVessey's vmware training: http://vmwaretraining.blogspot.com/2009/09/studying-for-vcp-on-vsphere-4.html Now that the VCP on vSphere 4 exam is finally live, VMware have released a number of official resources to help those who want to obtain what will quickly become the new "industry standard" virtualization certification. … [Read more...]

SRM 4.0 is here!

October 5 is the day that you can now use the new version of SRM to protect vSphere hosts as well as the 3.0.3 and 3.5 that it protects today. In particular, I love using the vSphere Linked Mode support with SRM as it is a little easier to use one client for both the protected and recovery sides instead of the two clients we require now. This article is not about the new features however, but about how to upgrade. But some things to touch on first. It is actually 4.0 since our marketing people … [Read more...]