Virtual Desktop with 4 monitors (PCoIP)

{youtube}APVP0DUu34c{/youtube} source: … [Read more...]

Designing an Enterprise XenDesktop Solution (10,000 seats)

the launch of XenDesktop 4.0, Citrix released a 42-pages reference architecture on how to build a VDI environment for 10,000 seats with the following characteristics: … [Read more...]

Who delivers the first Desktop-as-a-Service cloud

Just a couple of days ago wrote about the upcoming launch of Smart Business Desktop, the IBM Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) cloud computing infrastructure powered by VMware, Citrix, Wyse Technology and Desktone products.We can’t wait October to try what IBM claimed to be an industry first, even if we just spotted a company that seems to have a DaaS offering well before the Big Blue: tuCloud.The startup promises to deliver on-demand Windows Vista or Windows 7 (with Aero) hosted … [Read more...]

Why Is InfiniBand (and other interconnects) So Fast?

The above title is misleading because “fast” can mean many different things. In the case of HPC, “fast” means whatever it takes to keep the cores busy! In a previous post, I mentioned four parameters that are used to define an interconnect (throughput, latency, N/2, and messaging rate). Of course, applications are the best way to evaluate an interconnect. The most popular interconnects for HPC are Ethernet (GigE and 10-GigE), InfiniBand, and Myrinet. (At this point, many people lump Myrinet … [Read more...]

vmguru: VMware View advanced networking

The last few months I have been busy designing, building and testing a new VMware View solution for our own Support Center. In this Support Center we do support and system administration for some of our biggest clients. One of the challenges is the use of desktop hardware and the limited space of a call agent’s or administrator’s desk. Many of my colleagues support  multiple client sites and need different PCs for each client. So in 2008 one of my respected colleagues thought of a great solution … [Read more...]