Cool Fling: ViewDbChk (View DB Check) Tool

The ViewDbChk tool allows administrators to scan for, and fix provisioning errors that can not be addressed using View Administrator. Provisioning errors occur when there are inconsistencies between the LDAP, vCenter and View Composer databases. These can be caused by: direct editing of the vCenter inventory, restoring a backup, or a long term network problem. This tool allows VMware View administrators to scan for machines which can not be provisioned and remove all database entries for … [Read more...]

ProactiveDRS – Winning Fling 2012 Open Innovation Contest

ProactiveDRS was the winning fling in last year’s 2012 Open Innovation Contest. What is ProactiveDRS? It is a way for DRS to  react to changes in the virtual cluster, and to act on predicted changes in resource demands before hosts become stressed. For example, if you have a VM that historically uses 100% CPU at 8am every morning, ProactiveDRS  makes  sure that the CPU resources will be available for that VM before 8am. These actions ensure that your cluster runs smoother and reduces the … [Read more...]

New VMware Fling: Lctree (Linked Clone Tree Visualizer for vCloud Director)

VMware Labs released a new Fling called Lctree which is short for Linked Clone Tree Visualizer for vCloud Director. The download is available as tar package and the total size is about 17MB. Lctree is a tool designed for the visualization of linked clone VM trees created by VMware vCloud Director. Linked clone is a feature available in vSphere that creates a clone of a VM from a snapshot point. The new VM’s disks are not full copies of the source disks, but instead, are delta disks which point … [Read more...]

VMware Labs latest Fling Vmss2core

Vmss2core is a tool to convert VMware checkpoint state files into formats that third party debugger tools understand. It can handle both suspend (.vmss) and snapshot (.vmsn) checkpoint state files (hereafter referred to as a 'vmss file') as well as both monolithic and non-monolithic (separate .vmem file) encapsulation of checkpoint state data. Features The Vmss2core tool can produce core dump files for the Windows debugger (WinDbg), Red Hat crash compatible core files, a physical memory view … [Read more...]

Guest Reclaim: Newest Fling from VMware Labs!

Guest Reclaim reclaims dead space from NTFS volumes hosted on a thin provisioned SCSI disk. The tool can also reclaim space from full disks and partitions, thereby wiping off the file systems on it. As the tool deals with active data, please take all precautionary measures understanding the SCSI UNMAP framework and backing up important data. Features Reclaim space from Simple FAT/NTFS volumes Works on Windows XP to Windows7 Can reclaim space from flat partitions and flat disks Can … [Read more...]