How to build a 64Gb Low Power and Fast ESXi Home Lab

Recently I decided it was time to move my current  home lab environment to some green low power hardware. After some research I’ve  stumbled upon a nice low power and small unit the Intel NUC. Not only is this system good enough for my new ESXi home lab; 16gb RAM, 2x Intel I3 Cores, 1x 1GB LAN. The Intel NUC is also very power friendly. It currently uses only 15W with 5 VM’s running on it (including this blog) The total system with 1NIC and 16GB ram comes down to 380 euro! I’ve compiled … [Read more...]

Nexenta scale and cluster

Hans de Leenheer blogged about Nexenta again good post about Nexenta failover techniques. 1) Disk management: The first part of failover management is still plane old ZFS. It's the way disks work together, how I/O is handled and how data corruption is avoided. Storage Pool: a set of (equally configured) vDEVs vDEV: a set of disks with a certain protection level RAIDZ: first form of physical disks protection level. Examples: RAIDZ-5: 4 disks data, 1 disk parity RAIDZ2-6: 4 … [Read more...]