In the test: Nexenta CE with VMware I/O Analyzer

Wondering what the performance is of my home build Nexenta CE box connected to one ESX host over Fiber Channel. I started testing with three I/O Analyzer VM’s distributed over 3 LUN’s connected with FC. (using Fiber Channel target with Nexenta CE is not supported) 512bytes Read Throughput Benchmark Results: 100% Read: 378MB/sec   … [Read more...]

Building superfast whitebox storage with Nexenta CE

I spent some time this weekend upgrading my home lab. I needed to improve my shared storage and hoped that I could reuse old h/w instead of buying something new and expensive. I’ve been using an QNAP TS-459 Pro II Turbo NAS for the last couple of year. It’s iSCSI performance is acceptable for 1-5 VM’s but when I needed to build a complete View environment or vCloud Director lab I usually reverted to local storage which rather defeated the purpose. I started to look around for storage … [Read more...]