Building my Nexenta VM using (NFS) best practices

I am currently using Nexentastor for my home lab. In my previous post I’ve explained how I build my low power 64Gb home lab. I’ve installed Nexentastor Community Edition on my virtual machine with the following specs: 2vCPU 8GB RAM 16Gb system disk on local SSD use VMXNET3 network adapter for better performance. I attached 7 disks as RDM (4 SATA + 3 SSD) If you got VT-d capable CPU you might want to attach your SATA controller directly to your Nexenta VM. Download the Nexentastor … [Read more...]

Nexenta CE – VAAI for NFS beta plugin

I stumbled upon a folder in the Nexenta CE USB stick handout I got on VMworld. It included some scripts to install VAAI for NFS on Nexenta CE! I checked it out, and they seem to work ok although the plugin released 22 October 2012 is still 1.0.127 beta Download the plugin here As this is still beta, please just use it in your lab... not production … [Read more...]