Auto Deploy: create updated HP ESXi image profile

I must say, I took the script and edited to fit my needs. The script is basicly downloading the latest VMware VIB's together with all the latest HP vibs. A lot of drivers (which you may not use?) can be uncommented to be removed from the image (saves you some space and image load time) I added the vCloud Agent (you’ll find the vCloud Director Agent inside your vCloud Director cell on  /opt/vmware/vloud-director/agent/ I added the vShield Endpoint driver … [Read more...]

PowerCLI 5.0 Poster

With the release of vSphere 5.0 and also the introduction of new PowerCLI snap-ins it is time for an updated poster. If you attended VMworld 2011 Las Vegas then you may have already been given one of these at the many PowerCLI sessions or during the hands on labs. If you were not lucky enough to get one then please head over to the PowerCLI Community and download it from this post here in PDF format. The new poster adds to the original vSphere PowerCLI core cmdlets and allow you to … [Read more...]