My take on Tintri, VM-Aware Storage

As a new Tintri Partner and Tintri Certified System Engineer number #101, I decided to take a closer look at Tintri Storage. Tintri granted me access to their partner lightning lab and I got some hours to spend on this amazing piece of storage hardware to play around and see first hand what it was all about. Being one of the first companies with VM-aware storage, Tintri is ahead of the game by far. VMware is also pushing the adoption of VM-aware storage with their upcoming virtual volumes API … [Read more...]

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Nutanix – NOS 3.0 & NX3000 – The 400VM 2U Building Block

Nutanix's mission is to virtualize a datacenter without the need for a SAN. This approach allows for many benefits, such as buy what you need, when you need it and a reduction in complexity around architecture and operations. The NX3000 The Nutanix NX3000 comes per block of 4 blade like servers called ‘nodes’. Each Node has local storage comprising of 1x PCI-e SSD (400GB) , 1x 2,5” SATA SSD (300GB) and 5x 2,5” SATA HDD (1TB). All the nodes have two CPU sockets. Each socket can now contain 8 … [Read more...]