Interpreting VMware esxtop 4.1 Statistics

Esxtop allows monitoring and collection of data for all system resources: CPU, memory, disk and network. When used interactively, this data can be viewed on different types of screens; one each for CPU statistics, memory statistics, network statistics, disk adapter statistics, disk device statistics, disk VM statistics and interrupt statistics. In the batch mode, data can be redirected to a file for offline uses. Many esxtop statistics are computed as rates, e.g. CPU statistics %USED. A rate … [Read more...]

Gathering esxtop Statistics and doing cool stuff with it

Today I'm busy with creating an export from esxtop to gather transfers/sec from a mix of Equalogic and EMC storage. This clients wants to check if they need to replace the fiber storage or expand the iSCSI storage. To gather statistics: Enter command "esxtop". This starts the logging in interactive mode. Enter command "d" this enables disk information only. Enter command "W" this writes your preferences to the default config file. Specify filename at prompt; ie. "/tmp/mysettings" Enter … [Read more...]