TintriOS 3.2 update introduces per VM level QOS

Yesterday I had a great chat with Tintri Sr. Director of Products Chuck Dubuque about their newest TintriOS update. My first post about Tintri is exactly from 2 years back. Tintri was the first to have VM-aware storage where VMware is currently doing a similar thing with VVols and other vendors are following their footsteps. New capabilities include: Tintri OS 3.2. Administrators can now allocate exact maximum and minimum IOPS to each individual VM. This granular capability is paired with … [Read more...]

PernixData Announces General Availability of FVP 1.0

On the very last Storage Field Day 3 in Denver Colorado where I was invited as a delegate. I was introduced to a brand new startupstill  in stealth mode named PernixData. The company introduction was done by Satyam Vaghani a great story teller. Tomorrow August 6th PernixData will announce the General Availability of FVP 1.0 Be sure to watch all the PernixData Storage Field Day 3 video’s as they all have great content!! PernixData Introduction PernixData was founded back in February 2012 by … [Read more...]

Nutanix – NOS 3.0 & NX3000 – The 400VM 2U Building Block

Nutanix's mission is to virtualize a datacenter without the need for a SAN. This approach allows for many benefits, such as buy what you need, when you need it and a reduction in complexity around architecture and operations. The NX3000 The Nutanix NX3000 comes per block of 4 blade like servers called ‘nodes’. Each Node has local storage comprising of 1x PCI-e SSD (400GB) , 1x 2,5” SATA SSD (300GB) and 5x 2,5” SATA HDD (1TB). All the nodes have two CPU sockets. Each socket can now contain 8 … [Read more...]

Building superfast whitebox storage with Nexenta CE

I spent some time this weekend upgrading my home lab. I needed to improve my shared storage and hoped that I could reuse old h/w instead of buying something new and expensive. I’ve been using an QNAP TS-459 Pro II Turbo NAS for the last couple of year. It’s iSCSI performance is acceptable for 1-5 VM’s but when I needed to build a complete View environment or vCloud Director lab I usually reverted to local storage which rather defeated the purpose. I started to look around for storage … [Read more...]

Understanding how storage design has a big impact on your VDI

This is a must read! http://www.brianmadden.com/blogs/rubenspruijt/archive/2009/12/09/vdi-and-storage-deep-impact.aspx This article got me to create a perfect design for a customer, and the results are amazing … [Read more...]