Tintri added 2 New All Flash Arrays to their Portfolio

I just had a great chat with Tintri Sr. Director of Products Chuck Dubuque about a new newest addition in the VMstor family of arrays. Tintri just announced 2 new All Flash Arrays. Hooray. Awesome news! Great to see a brand new array in this space that is doing real per VM QOS next to Solidfire that can also do something similar. Tintri also released a brand new version of their Tintri OS 4.0 and Tintri Global Center 2.1. Enhancements in this new 4.0 software release are mainly additions … [Read more...]

TintriOS 3.2 update introduces per VM level QOS

Yesterday I had a great chat with Tintri Sr. Director of Products Chuck Dubuque about their newest TintriOS update. My first post about Tintri is exactly from 2 years back. Tintri was the first to have VM-aware storage where VMware is currently doing a similar thing with VVols and other vendors are following their footsteps. New capabilities include: Tintri OS 3.2. Administrators can now allocate exact maximum and minimum IOPS to each individual VM. This granular capability is paired with … [Read more...]

My take on Tintri, VM-Aware Storage

As a new Tintri Partner and Tintri Certified System Engineer number #101, I decided to take a closer look at Tintri Storage. Tintri granted me access to their partner lightning lab and I got some hours to spend on this amazing piece of storage hardware to play around and see first hand what it was all about. Being one of the first companies with VM-aware storage, Tintri is ahead of the game by far. VMware is also pushing the adoption of VM-aware storage with their upcoming virtual volumes API … [Read more...]

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Tintri and VMware Horizon View Whiteboard

This video looks at a new VMware Horizon View 5.2 reference architecture with Tintri. This solution allows customers to go from power-on to first VMs in less than 30 minutes. Tintrí's flash-first hybrid architecture ensures that dedicated and floating pools of users have great performance and that IT can scale out VDI storage easily and cost-effectively. Together with VMware View. Tintri provides customers with a cost-effective and high-performance virtual desktop solution. … [Read more...]

How to clone and snapshot a VM on #Tintri VMstore

Integrated instant VM-level snapshots and clones. With Tintri VMstore, you get fast, efficient storage level data protection with advanced per-VM snapshots and clones. Operations like cloning and snapshots are at the VM-level, which when combined with Tintri’s inline deduplication and compression makes them extremely space and performance efficient. Default snapshot schedules protect every VM automatically, while custom schedules on a per VM basis allow users to meet their specific data … [Read more...]