VMware Horizon DaaS 7

VMware has renewed their cloud offering a few weeks ago to Horizon Cloud service. In addition to the VMware managed solutions; either Hosted (formerly know as Horizon Air) or Hybrid (On-Premises infrastructure for Desktops & Apps), they now have released Horizon DaaS 7. In a previous blog post, I have written about VMware Horizon DaaS and how this differs from the well known Virtual Desktop platform Horizon View. Link In this new blog post series, I will dive into the new … [Read more...]

X-IO: Zero Maintenance, Low Latency VDI Storage

At VMworld Barcelona, I was invited by Stephen Foskett to join the #TFDx event (short for Tech Field Day Extra). I’m writing about X-IO because their presentation actually triggered me. They handle a lot of things very differently. And as you can read below, I like how they do that. First, some info about X-IO X-IO Technologies, was previously founded as the Seagate Advanced Storage Group in 2002. Which was later acquired by Xiotech in 2007, and today operates independently as X-IO … [Read more...]

Understanding how storage design has a big impact on your VDI

This is a must read! http://www.brianmadden.com/blogs/rubenspruijt/archive/2009/12/09/vdi-and-storage-deep-impact.aspx This article got me to create a perfect design for a customer, and the results are amazing … [Read more...]

Creating a VDI template

You can read it on: http://virtuall.eu/blog/creating-a-vdi-template … [Read more...]

Virtualizing TS and VDI Workloads compared

Samenvatting van de webex sessie, van PQR en Login Consultants voor het Virtualiseren van Terminal Server workloads, puur vanaf het aantal gebruikers gezien, wint xenapp het voor het aantal gebruikers: Heel goed dat ze een vergelijking maken tussen het MAX VM’s en het aantal gebruikers op een hypervisor … [Read more...]