CloudPhysics – Datacenter Analytics Done Right

The first presenter at Virtualization Field Day 3 is CloudPhysics. We visited their beautiful office in Mountain View, California to get fully updated on their latest technology. Presenters: Irfan Ahmad, CTO, John Blumenthal, CEO of CloudPhysics and Krishna Raj Raja, Product Management (Mister @esxtopGuru!) CloudPhysics has an unique approach, they have a small Collector vApp that you need to install in your environment and it collects the inventory and performance data from your VMware … [Read more...]

#VFD3 Virtualization Field Day 3 – Live Stream

Today is the day that Virtualization Field Day 3 is about to start. Watch the live stream below and please ask questions you want me to ask to the presenters via twitter (@mbroeken). If the live stream is offline, please wait till the stream will go live again when we are ready. Live Stream Agenda, times are (PST) UTC-8 Wednesday, Mar 5 – 9:30 – 11:30  CloudPhysics Presents at Virtualization Field Day 3 Wednesday, Mar 5 – 13:00 – 15:00 Atlantis Computing Presents at Virtualization Field … [Read more...]

Virtualization Field Day 3 is approaching!

While I’m counting the days… In less than a week the twitter tag #VFD3 will be in your twitter timeline, a lot. I am happy to be among the 11 delegates that where voted and invited for Virtualization Field Day 3 hosted in Silicon Valley on March 5th - 7th. If you never heard of the Tech Field Day event before I encourage you to watch the event closely. It’s one of the best online events where you will actually will learn a lot, technology deep dives are normal and the best of all, you will be … [Read more...]