vSphere: Insufficient disk space on datastore

Symptoms A VMotion operation fails When attempting to migrate, you see the error: "Insufficient disk space on datastore '' Cause This issue may occur during a vMotion operation because vCenter Server 4.0 requires enough space to store two full-size copies of the virtual machine swap file simultaneously. If there is not enough space in the datastore, you receive this error. For example, a virtual machine file with 8 GB of memory and a 2 GB reservation requires a swap that is 6 GB in … [Read more...]

VMware view 4 released

According to the VMguy, VMware View 4.0 was release for download tonight.  VMware View with PCoIP – PCoIP provides an optimized desktop experience for the delivery of the entire desktop environment including applications, images, audio, and video content for a wide range of users on the LAN or across the WAN. PCoIP can compensate for an increase in latency or a reduction in bandwidth, to ensure that end users can remain productive regardless of network conditions. PCoIP includes VMware … [Read more...]

VCP4 Exam Blueprint Study Notes

Section 1 – Plan, Install and Upgrade VMware ESX/ESXi Objective 1.1 — Install VMware ESX/ESXi on local storage Knowledge Identify minimum hardware requirements – Extra Links #1 Download, prepare and validate installation media Determine appropriate ESX/ESXi configuration in a given situation - Obtain required information for environment - Verify hardware against the VMware Hardware Compatibility Guide – Extra Links #1 Perform a custom installation - Customize storage layout for given … [Read more...]

Creating a VDI template

You can read it on: http://virtuall.eu/blog/creating-a-vdi-template … [Read more...]

VMware View 4 useful information

VM’s per core: VM’s per core, In VMware View 3 the number was 6-9 VM’s per core, now in View 4 with for example the Intel Nehalem processors you can get to 12-16 VM’s per core. This number heavily depends for example on the application load inside the VM’s. The PCoIP protocol does NOT support: - Security Server; - Smart Cards integration; - Thinprint support. Generally: - The PCoIP protocol is not different in scalability than RDP; - For the RDP protocol version 6 is used in … [Read more...]