How to clone and snapshot a VM on #Tintri VMstore

Integrated instant VM-level snapshots and clones. With Tintri VMstore, you get fast, efficient storage level data protection with advanced per-VM snapshots and clones. Operations like cloning and snapshots are at the VM-level, which when combined with Tintri’s inline deduplication and compression makes them extremely space and performance efficient. Default snapshot schedules protect every VM automatically, while custom schedules on a per VM basis allow users to meet their specific data … [Read more...]

Technical Deep Dive on Tintri Architecture

Tintri, Inc., developer of a purpose-built storage system for virtual machines named VMstore, a product specifically designed from the ground up to solve the unique storage problems of virtual machines (VMs). The VMstore Storage System knows VMware file types so it can really dig deeper into what’s really going on with storage at the VM level. The management software breaks the VM guest down to VMDK and even VM Swap files, giving you granular monitoring and control. The system is purpose … [Read more...]

Virsto v2.0 for vSphere – delivers purpose-built software defined storage

At Storage Field Day 2 we recently had a very interesting presentation at Virsto’s about their upcoming 2.0 version of their storage appliance for vSphere. Introduction to Virsto Software with CEO Mark Davis: Virsto for vSphere 2.0 Discussion and Demonstration:  Virsto will release their v2.0 of their Software-Defined-Storage for the datacenter on December 4th. What is Virsto for vSphere? Virsto for vSphere is a software storage hypervisor that can rapidly provision high … [Read more...]