VIB module for agent is not installed on host vShield-VXLAN-Service

Lately I’m spending a lot of time with vCloud Director. running into all kinds of weird errors… When I tried to enable VXLAN in my vCloud Director setup I got the following error: “VIB module for agent is not installed on host vShield-VXLAN-Service” This is solved by installing the VXLAN VIB which is available as a download on your vShield Manager: https://vsm-ip/bin/vdn/vibs/5.1/ on all your ESXi hosts in your VCD Cluster. I used vCenter Update Manager to update all my ESXi … [Read more...]

VXLAN Whitepaper

Traditional network isolation techniques such as IEEE 802.1Q VLAN provide 4096 LAN segments (via a 12-bit VLAN identifier) and may not provide enough segments for large cloud deployments. Cisco and a group of industry vendors are working together to address new requirements of scalable LAN segmentation as well as transporting virtual machines across a broader diameter. The underlying technology, referred to as Virtual Extensible LAN (or VXLAN), defines a 24-bit LAN segment identifier to provide … [Read more...]