0xc004f074 error when activating Windows7 KMS on Server 2008

For a small client I was installing  a new KMS server on their Windows 2008 domain controller last night. They have around 25 VDI Windows 7 clients running with MAK keys and I wanted to change this to KMS as a recompose of the desktops would count activations and they would eventually stop activating. I installed the KMS Server following this how-to, activated the other Windows 2008 servers first with the KMS client keys. All going well and according to plan. … [Read more...]

VMware View 4.5 released!

 It was a long wait for me, I am in the middle of a 140 seat Desktop Virtualisation project at the moment and i could not wait to get the new version! I attended the View 4.5 release presentation at VMware last week, organised by the dutch vmug.nl (View 4.5 presentation) thanks victor! Next I started testing and it looks and feels much more Enterprise as the 4.0 version. from my first impression it's more stable and less buggy. more intergration with thinapp, win7 support with dual … [Read more...]