10Zig 5818v Windows Embedded 8 Thin Client Review

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5817v-small10ZiG announced their first WE8 Thin Client, the 5818v. This device is using a new D2550 dual core Intel Atom Processor and therefor has a extremely low power consumption. The 5818v comes with 2GB of DDR3 RAM,  16GB of local storage, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet and Intel GMA 3650 graphics.

This extremely small form factor WE8 Unit, the 5818v, offers dual monitor support as standard, is VESA mountable, and has optional internal 812.11b/g/n wireless.

After unboxing and powering on the 5818v,
my first impressions are pretty good


  • The boot time was around 25s, not bad!
  • The low power consumption 10-15W!
  • The default of dual monitor support!
  • I love the design, feels robust
  • The use of Win8 allows you to use a array of USB devices
  • Wide choice of brokers:
    VMware View with PCoIP, 2X Client, LeoStream Connection Broker, Red Hat Spice, Virtual Bridges Verde, Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect,Citrix Receiver with HDX, Citrix VDI-In-a-Box, HyperV or Quest vWorkspace
  • Includes IE10, for example: I used VMware blast protocol to login to my VMware View Desktop thru HTML5. Worked great! no sound tho.


  • I pluged in a radio plug to get Desktop sounds to my audio system, Only got crappy internal thin client speaker sound. At least this was the case on my demo unit, I don’t know if this is something that needs to be configured in Windows to work?


After Unpacking the 5818v and booting the device you need to pick your language, choose your color scheme and a give the device a new computer name.
After that I installed a new 2008R2 VM to install the 10Zig Manager to manage the device. The management interface was very easy to setup, detected the 5818v right away and I was able to manage the device thru the management software.

To log into the thin client device as full adminstrator you need to hold shift and log off. Hold the shift key until you see the Windows 8 screen again. There is a tiny icon on the lower left corner. Login as Administrator with password admin

Oh Crap, Windows 8, How do I find anything?

Use your Windows button – C <- This will give you access to network, configuration panel and power off /reboot options 🙂
Microsoft people would say that removing the start menu and introduce metro would improve things? I don’t agree.


I am testing this device on my Lab VMware View 5.2 environment. My environment consist of a couple of Windows 7 VM, Tuned to perform.
I did run a couple of tests to compare the 10Zig 5818v device with the 10Zig V1200-P device that I own. note: The V1200 has the Tera2 Chip. The 5818V does not have PCoIP hardware acceleration.

First Test: Worked all day on both devices, using ms office, created powerpoint presentation. created visio drawing. browsing the web. not much multimedia.
5818v: Worked Great.
V1200-P: Worked Great.

Second Test: run multimedia, a 3 minute 1080p small windowed youtube movie.
5818v: Reasenable view. lots of movie hickups, not 100% perfect. will be good enough for office workers.
V1200-P: Perfect, movie viewed without hickups.

Final Thoughts

The 5818v device is beautiful! It uses very low power and is very easy to manage. Best of all the use of WE8 (and so the full set of Windows 8 drivers) on this thin client allows you to use a array of USB devices from IP phones to wireless keyboards/mice. Also the device has 3 year warranty!

If you use VMware View as your desktop broker with PCoIP? and you don’t require the use of full blown USB devices, I would recommend you to use the Tera2 Client. It’s cheaper and more powerfull on multimedia (with PCoIP). otherwise use the 5818v!

also check out James Preston’s posts. He did a nice serie of posts on the 5818v Or visit the 10Zig website.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by 10Zig to write this review. I was only send a device for a couple of days to review.