Load Balancing VMware Cloud on AWS with KEMP

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It is no surprise that VMware is the most used running hypervisor in the data center today. Also, I see customers are going cloud first in their plans going forward.

Having a Hybrid solution where you manage your “Cloud” datacenter from your normal vCenter as this is your normal local infrastructure makes sense and very easy to adopt.

VMware Cloud on AWS

What is VMware Cloud on AWS?

VMware Cloud on AWS is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by AWS and VMware delivering a highly scalable, secure and innovative service that allows organizations to seamlessly migrate and extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud running on next-generation Amazon Elastic

VMware Cloud on AWS offers customers a way to easily deploy proven solutions across private and public infrastructures using a consistent and familiar set of tools. I personally think VMware on AWS is a fantastic option for your hybrid datacenter. Mainly because you are still managing it yourself.

Load Balance your application workload between on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS

Managing availability on application level is preferred. Where you can split your workloads between the on-premises and the VMware Cloud on AWS. Most of the time you will need some kind of load balancing solution to load balance the traffic between the application server farms. I found out that you can even use GLSB (Global Load Balancing) to redirect users to the data center location closest to the users location. Also when there is a failure in one of the datacenters. all traffic is redirected to the other location.

Global Server Load Balancing

So where you might have multiple VMware Horizon pods in a hybrid model, a set of applications or just a few web servers in 2 locations. GLSB should be the way to go when it comes to availability load balancing.

I have been looking at KEMP GLSB.

KEMP GLSB is advanced when it comes to GLSB. It eighter uses location, proximity (longitude and latitude / geographical IP database) or ip-range selections to redirect users. Health check is a lot more sophisticated. where KEMP can use L3 ICMP, L4 TCP or L7 cluster checks to see whether the target is still alive and follow the rules based on the outcome of the checks. You can also use WAF, DNSSEC Protection and IP Blacklist to protect your environment.
With native support for VMware and VMware on AWS, KEMP with their feature rich loadbalancers provides enterprise grade GSLB.

Why use KEMP on AWS

  • Enterprise grade, Feature rich and with support for VMware on AWS and your on-premises VMware SDDC.
  • You don’t need another set of loadbalancers in both sites. GLSB service is included in the loadbalancers.
  • KEMP uses templates for configuring services like VMware Horizon or Horizon Workspace.

Learn more about Load Balancing Applications in AWS with KEMP

Any other GSLB that is supported on AWS would work on VMware Cloud on AWS as well.

Disclaimer: I recently attended VMworld 2018. My flight to the US was compensated by Kemp Technologies.