Atlantis announced USX 3.0 with VVOLs , SmartSnap and Replication

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Atlantis Computing just announced version 3.0 of their USX platform and factory-integration of its Atlantis HyperScale appliances available on Cisco, HP, Lenovo and SuperMicro server platforms.

Atlantis has worked hard to build more  data services into their platform like VVOLs, Snapshots and Replication.

What’s New in USX 3.0?

VVOL Support

Atlantis is the first hyper-converged vendor that fully supports VVOLs. it will provide the ability to apply service levels (performance, capacity and capabilities) to individual VMs. It’s ability to make every SAN VVOL supported is very strong if you ask me.

At the same time it will accelerate your existing SAN or NAS device  with  RAM or Flash and make it last a couple of year longer. Pretty cool.



USX has now de-dupe  aware snapshots. Super Fast snapshots initiated by you thru vCenter client where it offloads the task to USX using VASA. USX uses FastClone to snap a VM by copying only the meta-data.

USX supports per VM snapshot with VVOLs and standard volume level snapshots with  normal volumes.


Remote replication between USX volumes. Local and Remote. a-sync – 1h RPO is the minimum schedule.

For the moment replication is not de-dupe aware but will be expected soon.

Atlantis Insight

New update service with a “push of a button” update of USX version. Also new Alert & log messages sent to Atlantis for timely case resolution. Going forward, new features will be added to Atlantis Insight.

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