Atlantis USX 2.0: Introducing Teleport and VVOLs for any storage

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imageWith VMworld just around the corner, Atlantis Computing has changed their corporate identity. as of this week they replaced the logo, website and have launched version 2.0 of their flagship Atlantis USX.

I personally have been a very early adopter of Atlantis USX. In our company we are running Atlantis USX inside our test environment from day 1 (on VSAN). and with a lot of beta testing going on for the last few months, we are almost ready to put version 2.0 in our production environment. Exciting stuff!

New features? In Short:

  • USX Teleport – Data Mobility
    Enhanced ability to move VMs, VMDKs and files between datacenters & cloud (very awesome, if you are in the vSphere beta you know why)
  • VMware VVOLs
    Make any storage (past, present, future) VVOLs compatible, through USX APIs (need to see this working in the vSphere next lab soon!)
  • Product Enhancements
    – Redesigned & Improved GUI
    – Simplified & Scalable Management
    – Reduced system requirements

Pooling and Abstraction of Storage Hardware

Atlantis USX enables enterprises to pool and abstract any storage (SAN, NAS, Flash, RAM, DAS, Public Cloud) and instantly deliver virtual storage volumes to any application. By pooling storage, both capacity and performance are used more efficiently in the datacenter, making datacenters more agile.


HyperDup Content-Aware Data Services

Atlantis USX includes integrated HyperDup that leverage Atlantis real-time deduplication technology to provide data reduction, IO acceleration, faster provisioning, data mobility, security and business continuity for any storage.

Policy-Based Storage Management

Atlantis USX policy-based storage management enables customers to efficiently manage the capacity, performance and availability across all storage in the datacenter irrespective of underlying hardware. Storage does not have to be of the same type, allowing for easy migration from one underlying storage platform to another.

Automation & Quality of Service

Atlantis USX enables enterprises to automate the provisioning, configuration and monitoring of storage systems and quality of service through integration with REST API, which is open and public. This API provides instant integration capabilities for any management system, including VMware vCAC, HP Operations Manager, IBM Tivoli, CloudStack, and Openstack.

VMware VVOL Support for Any Storage – Past, Present or Future

Atlantis USX provides a strategic storage abstraction layer for VMware environments that completely virtualises storage, allowing all storage (past, present and future) to instantly become VVOL compliant without the need to purchase or update SAN/NAS infrastructure.  With Atlantis USX and VMware VVOL, all storage becomes VM-centric, supporting per VM operations, including snapshots, cloning, replication and acceleration.  In addition, Atlantis USX works seamlessly with VMware Virtual SAN and Horizon to reduce the storage required to deploy virtualised workloads by up to 90%, while improving application performance by up to 10 times.

Great UI

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