Install Log Insight Multiple Nodes and integrate with KEMP Load Balancer for HA

VMware vCenter Log Insight is a VMware analytics product introduced one year ago. Part of VMware vCenter family, Log Insight delivers automated log management through log analytics, aggregation, and search, extending VMware’s leadership in analytics to log data. The new Log Insight 2.0 version is much faster, more effective and usable: 8X faster data collection …

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Xangati Unveils StormTracker

Xangati released  a new great product in their portfolio today called StormTracker. This is the first solution available to tackle performance storms devastating productivity in the Cloud.

Powerful, New In-Memory Storm Detection Engine and Contextual User Interface with Multiple Storm Views Allow Managers to Instantly Identify, Track and Resolve Cloud Performance Storms

  • Alert monitoring solutions mostly lead to admins “chasing their tails”
  • In-memory storm detection
  • Automated pattern-matching heuristics
  • Identifies storm cause and objects impacted
  • Major UI enhancements from a solution known for UI innovation
  • StormTracker UI—looking across your whole cloud
  • Storm Recordings showing areas of impact and why a storm is happening
  • Capacity analytics linked with performance storm trending
  • Contention-based storms correlated to capacity saturation

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