Image Management for VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure

Introduction The VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Azure belongs to a family of cloud services delivered by VMware that enables the delivery of virtual desktops and applications to end-users on any device, anywhere. VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure provides two distinct workload options: Horizon Cloud Desktops and Horizon Cloud Apps. Within these workload options, customers …

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VMware Visio Stencils 2012

a while ago VMware released a new set of VMware Icons and Diagrams in the traditional PowerPoint format. Maish from created “The Unofficial VMware Visio Stencils” blog post with all VMware Visio shapes you will ever need. also VMware released some powerpoint diagrams VMW_PPT_LIBRARY_Icons-Diagrams_2Q12_2_of_3.pptx (2.6 MB) VMW_PPT_LIBRARY_Icons-Diagrams_2Q12_3_of_3.pptx (2.9 MB) VMW_PPT_LIBRARY_Icons-Diagrams_2Q12_1_of_3.pptx (17.4 MB) Also CloudFront released some nifty …

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RES Hyperdrive released

RES HyperDrive is a secure, on-premises technology designed for today’s mobile workforce. Developed to address the expanding security requirements of your IT department, but meet the ease of use, cross-platform and simplicity requirements of a new generation of IT consumers, RES HyperDrive leverages your own data center or private cloud to provide rapid data access …

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Veeam released Backup & Replication v6.1

Today Veeam released the 6.1 version of their flagship product Backup & Replication.
Download here

New key Features of 6.1:

  • There is a FREE Edition! – Capable of doing Full Backups of running VMs, restore whole VM/VM File/Guest File, compression, NO incrementals.
  • VeeamZIP
    Version 6.1 includes a new capability for performing ad-hoc backups. In many
    ways, it functions like a zip utility for VMs. For this reason, it’s called VeeamZIP™.
  • Instant VM Recovery for Hyper-V.
  • New UI – Modern look, larger scale options within interface.
  • Additional enhancements (engine, logic, etc.) see below

Veeam Backup Free Edition

Version 6.1 introduces a new free mode called Veeam Backup Free Edition, provides a subset of the functionality in the full (paid) editions of Veeam Backup & Replication, including VM and file recovery. So if you ever need to perform a restore but don’t have access to a Veeam backup server, you can simply download and install Veeam Backup Free Edition. You don’t need a license key, and you can recover VMs, VM files and guest files. Veeam Backup Free Edition also includes file management capabilities. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as “the New FastSCP™.”

Single VM Backup – Hot Backup of single VMs, no incremental possibilities. Useful for archiving purposes, transfers, DR.

File Level Restore – Possibility of restore individual Files from guest OS. Individual files which are present in file server VM for example.

Full VM Restore – If you need to quickly restore a VM without having access to the Veeam Backup server, just install Veeam Free version and you can do it. No need for a license. You do still need vCenter/ESXi credentials in order to restore a VM.

VM Copy – It’s possible to copy VMs from one server to another.

You can check out the free vs. full comparison.

vPower for Hyper-V

Version 6.1 extends Veeam’s patent-pending vPower® technology—as well as Instant VM Recovery—to Hyper-V. vPower runs a VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file on regular backup storage. You can run a VM from any restore point (full or incremental), without changing the backup. vPower enables Instant VM Recovery, which lets you restart a failed VM from a regular backup in as little as 2 minutes.


Version 6.1 includes a new capability for performing ad-hoc backups. In many ways, it functions like a zip utility for VMs. For this reason, it’s called VeeamZIP.

  • You can VeeamZIP a VM without pausing or powering it off.
  • VeeamZIP compresses and deduplicates the data to minimize file size.
  • VMs are fully encapsulated, and all configuration settings are correctly restored.
  • Thin provisioned disks are maintained as thin throughout the backup and restore process.
  • You can extract guest files from the backup.

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VMware View 5.1 released

vmwareviewVMware released version 5.1 of their Desktop Virtualization product VMware View.

VMware View 5.1 delivers important features and enhancements that improve the performance, security, management, and flexibility of virtual desktops. This release of VMware View adds the following new features and support.

also available: VMware Horizon Application Manager 1.5 and a public beta program for the Project Octopus cloud data synchronization and collaboration service.

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Free Tools VMware

Veeam Backup & Recovery 8 free edition UniTrends Free (Protect unlimited VMs For Free, 1TB limit) Trilead VM Explorer Free VMware & Hyper-V backup (max 2 hosts) RVTools is a windows .NET 2.0 application which uses the VI SDK to display information about your virtual machines and ESX hosts Foglight for Virtualization Free Edition – a bunch of cool …

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In the test: Starwind iSCSI SAN 5.9 (beta)

I’m currently testing the beta of the new Starwind version 5.9

New Features and Improvements:

  • High Aavailability
    Three active nodes for more availability.
  • Deduplication
  • Replication to remote iSCSI Target over WAN as an experimental feature.
  • Data deletion support. Unused data blocks are overwritten by new actual data.
  • 30% less memory usage (2MBs per 1GB of deduplicated storage on 4kb deduplication block).
  • coming soon! Backup Plug-in for ESX virtual machines

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VXLAN Whitepaper

Traditional network isolation techniques such as IEEE 802.1Q VLAN provide 4096 LAN segments (via a 12-bit VLAN identifier) and may not provide enough segments for large cloud deployments. Cisco and a group of industry vendors are working together to address new requirements of scalable LAN segmentation as well as transporting virtual machines across a broader …

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