New VMware Fling – VMware OS Optimization Tool for View

The VMware OS Optimization tool helps your VMware View (VDI) implementation team to optimize the template desktop OS and provide your users with more optimized desktops. The optimization tool adds value by increasing the system performance. Windows system has set of services that are enabled by default;  This tool optimizes the desktop to increase performance … Read more

Tintri and VMware Horizon View Whiteboard

This video looks at a new VMware Horizon View 5.2 reference architecture with Tintri. This solution allows customers to go from power-on to first VMs in less than 30 minutes. Tintrí’s flash-first hybrid architecture ensures that dedicated and floating pools of users have great performance and that IT can scale out VDI storage easily and … Read more

Significantly improve your View video playback performance

While reading some blog posts on View Video performance I stumbled upon this blog post. The video performance of a View desktop can be significantly improved with just a few modifications. For desktop VMs using VMXnet3 NICs, you can significantly improve the peak video playback performance of your View desktop by simply setting the following … Read more

Patch release: VMware View 5.1 compatible with vSphere 5.1

view 5.1 compatible with_vsphere 5.1

In an earlier post Simon Long mentioned that vSphere 5.1 is not compatible with any versions of VMware View.  Well I am please to you inform you all that today VMware have released an express patch for ESXi (ESXi510-201210001) which fixes an issue that caused the incompatibility issue. The official VMware KB with details on … Read more

In the test: NexentaVSA for View

Today I was asked to give NexentaVSA for View a good test-drive in my lab. I use Nexenta CE for my home lab and since I start using it I am a big fan! More because of ZFS and the speed it gives me with minimal number of SATA and some SSD’s. Nexenta VSA for View is a good combination of automated deployment of the NexentaStor appliance and a layer above View to manage it all.

Let’s start with some pictures. A normal Nexenta VSA for View environment consist of 2 or more ESX5i hosts to run your desktops on and one esx5i host to run your management VM’s on.

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GA release VMware Horizon Application Manager 1.5

VMware Horizon Application Manager simplifies IT by centralizing application management in the post-pc era. Now IT can unify management of any SaaS, Web and Windows applications through the Horizon Application Catalog to securely deliver them to end-users on the device of their choice, increasing their flexibility while reducing the cost of complexity. End-users get easy on-demand access to their applications on their preferred devices whenever they need them, increasing their productivity and simplifying there overall experience.

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