CloudPhysics – Datacenter Analytics Done Right

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CloudPhysicsThe first presenter at Virtualization Field Day 3 is CloudPhysics. We visited their beautiful office in Mountain View, California to get fully updated on their latest technology.

Irfan Ahmad
, CTO, John Blumenthal, CEO of CloudPhysics and Krishna Raj Raja, Product Management (Mister @esxtopGuru!)

CloudPhysics has an unique approach, they have a small Collector vApp that you need to install in your environment and it collects the inventory and performance data from your VMware environment (read only) to send to their platform for analytics. They need only 5 minutes to show the first analytics delivery to your browser. The solution is agent less (and only one vApp is required).

CloudPhysics takes the guesswork out of virtualization management, Cloud Physics pinpoints and pre-empts performance, capacity and availability problems with data-driven, actionable answers.

CloudPhysics = Operational Meta Data at Massive Scale

Where a single datacenter with around 500 VM’s and around 500 servers produces around 1 Billion Data Points (25Gb of data). CloudPhysics is designed for Major Scale and can host billions and billions of data points. The kind of data that CloudPhysics collects doesn’t fall under compliance level data, they just import vCenter statistics on a minute interval basis.

Metadata that comes into the CloudPhysics environment is anonymized to further protect customers

I suggested this earlier on twitter. CloudPhysics should cooperate with and move some anonymized global usage data to get some real statistics.

SSD Cost / Performance Analysis Using CloudPhysics

Many IT teams are considering SSDs to improve datacenter performance. CloudPhysics’ Krishna Raj Raja explains how CloudPhysics to Cache Benefits Analysis helps IT teams to understand if — and exactly where – SSD will deliver performance advantages in their particular datacenter.

Best Practices Deck < Great tool!

Cloud Physics has captured all the VMware best practice information and use that on checks on your infrastructure data. With the results deck to recommend improvements.

In the case of upgrading to vSphere 5.5, CloudPhysics has several Cards to take you through critical upgrade tasks with greater certainty and ease.

The Knowledge Base Advisor Card matches over 1500 KB articles from vendors that are specifically relevant including more than 105 new KB articles that are specific to VMware ESX 5.5.

Run this card before you upgrade your ESXi hosts will help you spot issues right away. How cool is that!

The Card Builder

CloudPhysicsThe card builder is a great possibility to combine your systems data and analytics for a particular use, like troubleshooting datastore issues or filter out a specific VM that has issues. Or to find your noisy neighbors, or check your configuration compliance.

Customers can also use the CloudPhysics Card Builder to produce their own analytical application for a problem they define and customize it for their environment. They are invited to publish their solutions and share them through the Card Store with other VMware users.

There are Community, Standard and Enterprise cards that can be used.

The Card Store

This is like the Card “App” Store, The Card Store is a place that you can find cards that other people created. and you can freely use them

Ready-made CloudPhysics Cards – like Snapshots Gone Wild (I like that one :)), Datastore Contention, HA Simulation, and dozens more – provide insights instantly.

You can also create and share your own Cards, or visit the Card Store to install Cards made by the community or other vendors.

Technologie Deep Dive

Cloud Physics is all about answers

Where other on-premises monitoring software are only into making things visible and creating recommendations. CloudPhysics is really into proactively answering and giving control to their customer base with the card builder.  I really like that.

Do you Still have Questions? Feel free to contact  @cloudphysics, @virtualirfan or @esxtopGuru on Twitter. Or write your questions below

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