Cool Tool: Foglight for Virtualization Free Edition

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Not really a new tool. Former Quest and VKernel technologies merge within Foglight for Virtualization Free Edition a bunch of cool tools that are bundled together in a new name: Foglight for Virtualization. and yes,  there is a FREE edition.

The Free Edition contains 6 utilities where Snapshot Explorer is newly added:

Foglight for Virtualization, Free Edition

  • Snapshot Explorer detects all snapshots, including orphaned snapshots, to avoid problems with performance and capacity.
  • Environment Explorer provides at-a-glance information about performance, efficiency and capacity.
  • Change Explorer lists all changes that occur in a virtual environment, and provides associated risk impact.
  • Storage Explorer assesses storage performance and capacity across datastores and VMs
  • vScope Explorer offers immediate identification of VMs, hosts and datastores suffering performance, capacity and efficiency issues.
  • Search MyVM Explorer delivers search capabilities, similar to Google, of the virtual environment.

Newly added: Snapshot Explorer

Snapshot Explorer detects all snapshots, including orphaned snapshots, to avoid problems    with performance and capacity

  • Avoid Performance and Capacity Problems.
  • Eliminates the time-consuming and tedious need to track snapshots manually.
  • Detects all snapshots, including orphaned snapshots, and provides all of this information at a glance.
  • Provides VM administrators with advanced filters and a detailed snapshot list.

Enhanced Platform Support

  • Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.1
  • Already supported: VMware vSphere 5.1, Microsoft Hyper-V 2012


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Products Renamed

So with vOPS, vFoglight, vOptimizer pro, Dell bought a lot of tools in the last few years. They are now all renamed into Foglight, vOptimizer Pro will not be renamed.

Legacy Name

New Official Dell Name

vOPS Server Explorer

Foglight™ for Virtualization, Free Edition

vOPS Server Standard

Foglight™ for Virtualization, Standard Edition


Foglight™ for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition

vFoglight Storage

Foglight™ for Storage Management

vOptimizer Pro

No change


Give it a try, it’s free!