Disaster Recovery Assurance for VMware from PHD Virtual

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With the acquisition of Virtual Sharp, PHD Virtual delivers transformational technology for virtual backup and disaster recovery assurance providing the easiest, most affordable solutions for data protection and business continuity, automatically certifying achievement of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

ReliableDR Architecture


As you can see in this picture ReliableDR orchestrates the DR processes out of the secondary site, with very little overhead on the primary site. It interfaces with the hypervisor in the primary datacenter in read-only mode to collect configuration information.


Administrators can then define replication specifications in ReliableDR that include business rules for each asset in the entire IT service stack, including storage, VMs, OS, backend, middleware and frontends. These business rules are used by ReliableDR to certify the operational condition of each component and prevent recovery threats arising from configuration drift.


ReliableDR is available in three editions. The table here highlights the functionality of each edition.

Enterprise Foundation Free
RPO Configurable Configurable 48 hours
Heartbeat check Yes Yes Yes
Application verification Yes No No
Scalability Unlimited Unlimited 10 VMs
Recovery Jobs Unlimited Unlimited 1
License Perpetual Perpetual Perpetual
Maintenance Mandatory Mandatory None
Recovery Points Unlimited 1 1

IMPORTANT: PHD Virtual Software does not provide support for the Free Edition.


  • Automated, Continuous, Service-Oriented DR Testing – Maintains the integrity of you DR plan by being service / application centric, not data centric. It takes a business-centric view of an application and its dependencies and then automates the verification of those applications as many as several times per day. The typical DR plan is tested 1-2 times per year. You can test several hundreds or thousands of times per year with ReliableDR!
  • Application-Aware Testing – Measuring of accurate Recovery Time Actuals (RTOs & RPOs)
  • Certified Recovery Points – automatically storing multiple certified recovery points
  • Compliance Reporting – demonstrates DR objective compliance to auditors
  • Test, Failover, and Failback – Automation of failover and failback processes
  • Flexible Replication Options – Integration with all major storage vendors, multiple software based replication solutions including PHD Virtual, and also includes its own zero-footprint software-based replication capabilities.

New Functionality Available in v3.1

  • vCloud Director integration – allows a Cloud Service Provider to failover a tenant into the cloud.
  • Always on VMs – allows applications to be DR tested separately yet reuse the same base services
  • User Auditing – extends DR compliance monitoring to the activity of administrators.
  • Web-Oriented Architecture – allows Cloud Service Providers that have developed their own end user portal and want to provide all catalogued services through it including DR.
  • Advanced Reporting – The enhanced reporting allows auditors, risk officers and other non-IT staff to obtain compliance data on demand and without disrupting data center operations.

PHD Virtual ReliableDR Whiteboard Video

ReliableDR might be a potential game changer in the DR Automation market. I know PHD Virtual has a nice amount of clients and their pricing is very competitive. This may be a good cheaper choice next to Zerto and VMware SRM. Try ReliableDR for Free! and join one of their webinars to learn more about this great DR product!


Disclaimer: this review was sponsored by PHD Virtual.