VMworld 2018: Horizon Cloud on Azure Q3 update

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VMworld 2018 Las Vegas

As announced on VMworld, new updates are coming to Horizon Cloud on Azure. Within the next few weeks, the updates will be scheduled within your Horizon Cloud on Azure environment.

In this blog, I will highlight my personal favorite updates:

  • Internal-network Unified Access Gateway
  • New VM models available
  • Support for existing vNET subnets
  • Support for domain functional level 2003 & 2008R2
  • Windows 10 1803 support

Internal-network Unified Access Gateway

External access is secured by two Unified Access Gateway appliances within your Azure subscription. The Unified Access Gateways are load-balanced with an Azure Load Balancer to provide high availability. With the new release of Horizon Cloud on Azure, it is now possible to include Unified Access Gateway Appliances for internal connections also.

New VM models available

Before this release, the Azure VM’s where limited to the following VM’s:

  • Master Image:
    • Standard_D2_v2
    • Standard_D3_v2
    • Standard_NV6
  • Desktop Model selection for the Desktop Assignments:
    • Av2 Series
  • RDS Farms:
    • Dv2 Series
    • Standard_NV6
    • Standard_NV12
    • Standard_NV24

Although in my personal experience these models were convenient in most cases, I am happy they added the following Azure VM types:

  • Desktop Model selection for the Desktop Assignments:
    • F-Series (CPU intensive)
    • Ev3 Series (Memory intensive)
    • Dv3 Series (General purpose)
  • RDS Farms
    • Ev3 Series (Memory intensive)
    • Dv3 Series (General purpose)

Support for Existing vNET subnets

When deploying Horizon Cloud on Azure you have to specify three reserved subnets to be used by Horizon Cloud.

  • Management Subnet
  • Desktop Subnet
  • DMZ Subnet (Optional, if internet accessible desktops is selected)

These 3 subnets, could not be created upfront as the deployment engine of Horizon Cloud will do this for you. Which is great if you have a lot of IP space left within your Azure subscription, but within my last few customer deployments there was limited IP space and preferred to reuse an existing vNET with subnets. Well, within this release this is now possible to reuse existing subnets!

Domain Functional Levels

This is a simple one, but I have a come across this limitation once with a customer. Before this release, there was a requirement to have a domain functional level of 2012 or higher. Although it might have worked before with a lower domain functional level, it wasn’t supported. In the Q3 release, 2003 & 2008R2 domain functional levels are also supported.

Windows 10 1803 Support

To keep up with the mainstream of Windows 10 versions, Windows 10 1803 is now supported in Horizon Cloud on Azure.

Other updates

More updates are included in this release, so for a complete overview go to https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2018/09/horizon-cloud-whats-new-september-release.html