How to clone and snapshot a VM on #Tintri VMstore

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Integrated instant VM-level snapshots and clones. With Tintri VMstore, you get fast, efficient storage level data protection with advanced per-VM snapshots and clones. Operations like cloning and snapshots are at the VM-level, which when combined with Tintri’s inline deduplication and compression makes them extremely space and performance efficient. Default snapshot schedules protect every VM automatically, while custom schedules on a per VM basis allow users to meet their specific data protection needs. The Tintri OS supports up to 128 snapshots per VM for a total of 128,000 snapshots on each VMstore.

Advanced Tintri Per-VM Snapshots and Clones

Tintri VMstore provides space-efficient clones at the VM level and because of native vCenter integration, the clone VMs are immediately visible to the hypervisor management console. Customization templates defined in VMware vCenter can be also be applied to clones directly from the Tintri UI. Advanced cloning with support for VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) lets you create hundreds of clones to support VDI, instant provisioning, and test and development environments from VMware management tools such as the VMware vSphere Client, VMware vCloud Director, and VMware View.