My last blog post of 2012, 2013 here we come!

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2012 was a CRAZY year! I have learned so much last year. So much cool stuff happened!

In the beginning of 2012 I was still working in Dubai where I was traveling back and forth from Dubai to the Netherlands every 2 weeks. On September 11th 2011 our son Sam was born and we decided that being away from home that much is not worth it. so I got on a new project in the Netherlands in March 2012 and my collegue Christiaan moved to Dubai to finish the Project.

In Februari I passed my VCAP4-DCA.

In April I attended the VMware vSphere Design Course and passed my VCAP4-DCD.

In May I passed my VCAP5-DCA beta exam! I also attended the VCDX Bootcap in Frimley from VCDX 001 John Arrasjid. Learned a lot!

End of August / September my first trip ever to the USA was a fact. I got myself sponsored by Nexenta to cover the flight costs and got VMware to sponsor my VMworld entrance as a blogger! So I was off to VMworld (together with my little brother and Arjan Timmerman)! I must say this was the most impressive VMworld I have ever been to! 11.000 people at one event! and not to forget “I love San Francisco”! What a great city and great event!

In October we had a blast on our annual ITQ trip, this year in Barcelona. and shortly after we attended VMworld Barcelona where again I had to meet so many blogger friends. We organised our first pre-VMworld #vRockstar Party at the Barcelone Hard Rock cafe that was sponsored by PHD Virtual, ITQ, NimbleStorage and the Dutch VMUG. That night was awesome!

In November I was a delegate for Storage Field Day 2, This was my first time being a delegate (and my second time in the US). The Tech Field Day event series is a great event organised by Stephen Foskett, which brings independent writers like me into the conference rooms of just about every company in storage, networking, and wireless for back-and-forth briefings and discussion. I was very honoured to be part of the event this year!!

So here we are, December 31th 2012. This year has flown by like never before… Let’s hope for an even more succesful 2013!

Here are my 5 most populair blog posts from 2012:

the blog generated a lot more traffic this year. Some statistics:

93.000 pageviews
43.000 unique visitors
3 min 6s average visit duration
10305 outlinks (2500 to

For me 2013 will be more about writing more about my own opinions on this blog. I am still pursuing my VMware VCDX certification. If time permits this certification will be a huge part of the time I will get to achieve my goals.

For all my readers! A Very Happy 2013! Let all your dreams and goals come true!