HP Discover Barcelona 2014

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HP Discover Barcelona 2014, the worldwide event organized by HP every year. Where the European part is hosted in Barcelona. For the first time I’ve been invited to join a great crew of storage bloggers at HP Discover Barcelona. Thanks Calvin (HPStorageGuy). I have been working with HP for many many years. But mainly on the server side.

My main focus for this event are definitely all new things on HP and 3PAR storage and VVOLs, the HP 200-HC (Hyper-Converged) servers that are going to be used in VMware’s Hyper-Converged offering EVO:RAIL, and beside that, my interest in Backup-as-a-Service was born this year. Currently heavily investigating what to do with this in my own Business.

There’s PDF eAgenda for storage happenings that I recommend you to download if your attending.

“Coffee Talk”

I was told we are invited to join informal roundtable “Coffee Talk” discussions. I LOVE small roundtable discussions with product managers, and technical subject matter experts to talk about new technology. Expect some blog posts from these sessions (If not bound by NDA).

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Storage Bloggers

Wondering who to follow? Here’s the list of the Storage bloggers to follow for this event:

If you are going to be at HP Discover in Barcelona from 2 to 4 December 2014, feel free to contact me on twitter or just walk up and talk to me. Be sure to follow @HPDiscover and watch your the Twitter stream while the event is there.

Why attend HP Discover Barcelona 2014?

If you can’t make it to Barcelona this year for HP Discover 2014, don’t worry. HP got you covered. We’ll be live broadcasting all the general sessions, select track keynotes, and Innovation Theater sessions so that our audiences back home won’t miss all the great presentations, announcements,

To watch the live broadcasts, visit the HP Discover web site, bookmark our dedicated HP Discover Livestream channel and watch from there, or watch from our @HPDiscover Twitter or HP Discover Facebook pages.

You can still Register for HP Discover. It’s going to be a great event.