Import vCenter inventory in ASG Remote Desktop

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A tool I use a lot is the ASG Remote Desktop tool.  I bought a personal license last year.
The free version would get three RDP connections up simultaneously. But I needed more.

on I just found a very cool PowerCLI script to import my vCenter inventory into VisionApp. When I am at a new client to do a new project I need to login to Windows Servers a lot. I use this script a lot to import their complete (or just a small part) of their inventory into my VisionApp to get started right away and this saves me a lot of work manually adding the servers!

You can download the script here : esx4vrd.ps1

The PowerCLI script will create 2 CSV files (one for ESXi hosts and one for virtual machines), with 2 parameters :

  • HostCSVFile : filepath for ESXi hosts csv export
  • VMCSVFile : filepath for virtual machines csv export

Both parameters are independent, you can use them as you wish, individually (in order to export only ESXi hosts or virtual machines) or together (in order to export both)

.\ESX4VRD.ps1 -VMCSVFile C:\VM.csv

Now you’ll just have to import the CSV into VisionApp to get the same inventory as you have in your vCenter in the VisionApp tree view