In the test: Starwind iSCSI SAN 5.9 (beta)

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I’m currently testing the beta of the new Starwind version 5.9

New Features and Improvements:

  • High Aavailability
    Three active nodes for more availability.
  • Deduplication
  • Replication to remote iSCSI Target over WAN as an experimental feature.
  • Data deletion support. Unused data blocks are overwritten by new actual data.
  • 30% less memory usage (2MBs per 1GB of deduplicated storage on 4kb deduplication block).
  • coming soon! Backup Plug-in for ESX virtual machines

Installing the same configuration on 2 VMware VM’s (both 1CPU, 2048MB Memory and 2x VMXNET3 card)

2 NICS are required to use HA / High Available Disk Devices
I used 2 Virtual Disks. One for OS, and one for iSCSI Volumes.

Installation how-to: double click installation file, click 6x next and click install.
approve the device software to be installed:

Next add your license key to the management interface. and finish installation on both servers.

Add both servers in the management interface. Click on the server and on the lower right you can create a new High Available Device. Like a synchronized LUN.

Create a new iSCSI image disk on both servers during the wizard. (second disk on VM) I used the full disk size.
selected the Sync and heartbeat network and click Next

Damn…  weird error:image

Make sure you have enough space left on your second disk, this generated the error.

I run the wizard again and created a smaller 50Gb LUN, this succeeded.


the 2 nodes are Synchronizing the block data now.

I added both iSCSI server nodes as a iSCSI target all ESX hosts.
After Synchronization the lun’s became visible on my ESX hosts

I created a new Ubuntu VM on the volume and while installing I shutdown one iSCSI Starwind node:

looks like two of my paths are still there, looks good.

Turned the server back on, and all my paths are back up again.


I will test this iSCSI SAN performance on my local lab SSD raid 0 set in my next post this week.

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  1. Thanks for your help in testing StarWind beta!
    “Damn… weird error” Yeah 🙂
    The problem is already fixed. The beta build will be updated in a couple of days.

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