Newcomer Nakivo Backup & Replication to the Cloud

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Nakivo Backup & Replication is in it’s final stages of releasing version 2.0, with the general release due Jan 16, 2013. With this VM-only backup product, Nakivo is looking to make a space in a market where competitors such as Veeam Software, PHD, UniTrends Enterprise Backup and Trilead already have gained a lot of name for themselves.

Today I had a good chat with them and I must say it looks impressive. They offer a great deal of features for half the industry price (I think they mean half the price of Veeam?)

Let me sum up the feature set of Nakivo B&R

  • de-duplication, encryption and compression.
  • Near-continuous Replication Protection.
  • installs in 2 clicks and 60 seconds (I had to provision a VM first, which took me 5 minutes)
  • Nakivo backups to public clouds.
  • Backup to Dropbox (I like that) pricing would be ~ per 1TB under $100 per month
    backup to Amazon EC2 Web Services. $0,10 per Gb per month. higher uploads speeds.
  • VSS Support – support for Live Applications, Microsoft AD, Exchange, etc.
  • Near-Continuous replication (every minute).
  • Changed Block Tracking.
  • Product installs on Linux or Windows.
  • Nakivo also features a thing like veaamzip. to make ad-hoc backups of your running VM’s to disk or just to another ESXi host.


Nakivo targets the SMB market with their pricing being reasonable low (they say HALF the industry price)

  • $199 / socket – Essential edition (max 6 sockets)
  • $399 / socket – Pro Edition (unl. socksets)
  • Of course there is also a FREE edition available!

Check the feature comparison below:

nakivo free

I must say, I like the feature set of the free edition! especially the dropbox feature.

8 thoughts on “Newcomer Nakivo Backup & Replication to the Cloud”

  1. Hmm..interesting, I am going to download the trial. We are now looking at the appropriate backup solution, cool they have deduplication.

  2. Marco, You’re stating that Naviko will also install on Linux, but the current available version (1.0) is only installable on Windows. Maybe is Linux support one of the new features of version 2.0?

      • Just read the Nakivo User Manual for version 1.0 and it states that the Transporter component can be Windows or Linux: “The Transporter is a Windows/Linux service which is responsible for transferring data during backup, replication or recovery”. But nothing about the Director component. The OS requirements named in the Nakivo Installation Guide are only Windows operating systems and no Linux.

        Let’s wait for the new version to come out and see…


          • weird that they would hold that back, I think it’s a big plus to install this on Linux and save some licenses on windows machines right?

            I also could not find the cloud features in the release I downloaded, might be in the new version or hidden in cfg files?

            I must say, the error reporting is minimal. I just get some e-mail saying there is an error. that’s all.

          • Hi J,

            Correct. Version 2.0 has Ubuntu Linux support. I contacted Nakivo and they provided me a link their latest build and I’m currently testing this on an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS JeOS VM.


  3. Dear All, I represent Nakivo. You are more than welcome to ask me questions on a product functionality here or by contacting me directly Also, your feedback, suggestions and complains (if any) is highly appreciated.

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