Nexenta Roadmap

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At VMworld I had some good talks with the Nexenta folks. We had a chat about nexenta roadmap for nexentastor this year.

NexentaStor 3.1.4 is planned to be released in Q3 2012 with further stability improvements.

NexentaStor 4.0 is targeted to be released fall 2012.

  • Illumos core upgrade / Stability enhancements .
  • ZFS Enhancements and ZFS Meta data offload
  • Localization Support for web interface  (simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Russian)
  • Stability enhancements on NMS / MPT SAS / iSCSI / Replication / DeDupe
  • Full Intel Romley support
  • Metro – Active / Active configurations? Physical and Virtual HA should work as long as both have direct access to multi path disks.

ZFS Meta: ZFS uses metadata as a roadmap to know where your actual data is stored on the disks among other things. If your server does not have enough DRAM to store all the metadata, additional IO requests may be required with each data read to determine where your data actually is on the disk. The project, codenamed “L2meta”, supports storing ZFS own metadata separately from the data, on a distant and separate ZFS vdev, ideally on SSD. This effectively creates a metadata cache which accelerates performance in environments that are metadata intensive such as DeDupe.

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  1. Marco-
    I really enjoyed meeting with you at VMworld, and discussing the magic we’re developing at Nexenta. We’re never sitting still, and have a lot in the pipeline that we haven’t even told you about yet. There is some major coolness on the horizon.

    Stay posted.


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