Next Generation Storage Symposium #SGSS1 Live Stream

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We are now live from the Double Tree hotel San Jose streaming the Next Generation Storage Symposium

Watch here live


10:00-10:30 Meeting and Registration
Featuring: Stephen Foskett
10:30-12:15 Introducing the Next-Generation Storage Leaders
Featuring: Dave Wright, George Symons, Matt Kixmoeller, Rob Commins, Tom Isakovich
Our panelists are driving the transformation of enterprise storage for the next generation. Join leading companies Nexsan, Nimbus Data, Pure Storage, SolidFire, and Tegile as they reveal the future of storage!
12:15-13:00 Lunch with Permabit
Featuring: Jered Floyd
A buffet-style lunch will be served, courtesy of Permabit. They will take the stage at this time to present their storage vision.
13:00-14:00 Next-Generation Storage: Robin Harris Keynote
Featuring: Robin Harris
Robin “StorageMojo” Harris will present his vision for the future of enterprise storage in this special keynote address.
14:00-14:45 Next-Generation Array Architecture Panel
Featuring: Chris Evans, Dave Wright, Jason Collier, Matt Kixmoeller, Robin Harris, Tom Isakovich
Everything has changed when it comes to large-scale storage system design. How are companies responding to the challenges of solid-state storage, virtualization, cloud, and big data? We will hear from Nimbus Data, Pure Storage, Scale Computing, and SolidFire.
14:45-15:30 Solid State Tiering and Caching Panel
Featuring: David Floyer, George Symons, Howard Marks, Lee Johns, Rajesh Nair
While we’d all love to have flashes Lamborghini like performance most of us have a lot more data than will fit in the laptop bag sized trunk of a supercar. The challenge is marching flash’s sports car performance with disk’s Peterbilt storage capacity.  Do we bite the bullet on cost and replace our disks with flash, use flash as a dedicated or automated storage tier or use flash as a cache? In this panel we’ll explore the options and how to match them to your applications. Panelists come from Nexsan, Starboard, and Tegile.
15:30-16:15 Scaling Storage for the Future Panel
Featuring: Dave Wright, Dheeraj Pandey, Jason Collier, Scott D. Lowe, Stephen Foskett
Perhaps the biggest challenge in storage is scaling outside traditional system boundaries. How can storage span frames, rooms, or even continents? Hear from panelists representing Nutanix, Scale Computing, and SolidFire.
16:15-17:00 Engineering Storage for Virtualization and Cloud
Featuring: Dave Wright, Matt Kixmoeller, Rajesh Nair, Stephen Foskett, Tom Isakovich
Most storage systems were designed with traditional servers in mind, but the world is increasingly turning to virtual servers and cloud platforms. How can the storage industry respond? This panel features experts from Nimbus Data, Pure Storage, SolidFire, and Tegile.
17:00-17:30 Next-Generation Storage: Stephen Foskett’s Closing Remarks
Featuring: Stephen Foskett
Stephen Foskett will close the Next-Generation Storage Symposium with his own remarks on the future of the storage industry.