Nutanix is innovating at the speed of Cloud (#vRetreat)

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I remember back in November 2012 at Virtualization Field Day 2 where Nutanix was presenting for the first time at a Field Day. Dheeraj Pandey, CEO and co-founder gave us a quick introduction to Nutanix. The company was only 2,5 years old back then and they has released their first
Hyper Converged block in the public as the first HCI vendor.

It was pretty amazing. Dheeraj did a very good job presenting. And it feels ages and ages ago. So I’m going to fast forward to today where Nutanix is no longer just a HCI vendor. Nutanix is innovating at the speed of the Cloud. Nutanix currently has 3300+ employees. 8800+ customers over 125 countries. You can say that the company suceeded in a big way.

But, I’m not going to write about the past. This is currently what’s new at Nutanix.. their own Enterprise (DR) Cloud.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Nutanix has built Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with a single, cohesive stack that integrates all infrastructure resources, with a scalable management plane for managing both infrastructure and applications.

The enterprise cloud OS is available from Nutanix as an appliance, from our OEM partners such as Dell. Lenovo, IBM as well as a software solution on HP and Cisco. Finally, if people want to consume this as a Cloud service, the Nutanix software will also be available through Xi Cloud Services in 2018

Xi Cloud Services will be operated by Nutanix and delivered from datacenters in the U.S., located in Northern Virginia and San Francisco Bay Area. Nutanix have also teamed up with Google for Enterprise Apps and deliver Xi from Google Cloud Platform datacenters.

  • Xi DR is the first Xi Cloud service.
  • One-click DR services for any application running on a Nutanix-powered hardware.
  • Xi DR is enabled via Prism, and managed via Prism or the Xi Cloud portal.
  • Allows DR strategies to be implemented in minutes or hours, not the weeks/months required for traditional disaster recovery implementations
  • Automatically replicates the full environment – applications, data and configuration (network and security)
  • In the event that the primary datacenter fails, services are delivered via Xi cloud – for complete business continuity
  • Flexible, subscription-based consumption.

This is an example of how modern hybrid clouds will look and operate – no gateways, no add-ons. Everything works seamlessly.

Xi Cloud DR

Xi Cloud is a hosted Nutanix Cloud, hosted by Google. A native cloud extension to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform
One-click DR service. Automated failover and recovery. Managed native in Prism.

My Take

The Xi Cloud Services seem like a logical step for Nutanix to complete their offering and be a vendor that has it all. I think it’s especially important to have this offering to compete in this space to compete with VMware on AWS.

Their Cloud offering looks like a great extension to their portfolio. Especially because it’s managed directly from Prism. Looking forward to see more of the offering at VMworld in a few days.