vmguru: VMware View advanced networking

The last few months I have been busy designing, building and testing a new VMware View solution for our own Support Center. In this Support Center we do support and system administration for some of our biggest clients. One of the challenges is the use of desktop hardware and the limited space of a call agent’s or administrator’s desk. Many of my colleagues support  multiple client sites and need different PCs for each client. So in 2008 one of my respected colleagues thought of a great solution and advised to implement a VMware VDI solution.

The idea was to create a pool of virtual desktops for each client site and supply the call agents and system administrators with a standard physical desktop with which they can access one or more virtual desktops and do the standard office work (Word, Outlook, etc) at the same time. Saving space needed for all those desktops and minimizing heat, power, etc and improving the working conditions in the process.

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VMware’s “No OS” Application Platform Strategy

During his technical keynote at VMworld, Stephen Herrod added a fourth leg to the now familiar previous three legs of the VMware strategy. The previous three were View (Desktop), vSphere (the data center), and vCloud (the internal and external clouds). The new addition was the elevation of vApps to a fourth leg in the stool which describes the VMware strategy. This fourth leg of the stool is all about VMware as an application platform, and VMware adding value directly to how applications run. This new fourth leg ultimately results in a new strategy from VMware allowing applications platforms (and therefore applications) to be run directly in a VMware Guest without the need for an underlying Windows or Linux operating system.

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VMware: Performance Evaluation of VMXNET3

VMware published a new paper about the performance evaluation of VMXNET3 virtual network device. This paper compares the networking performance of VMXNET3 to that of enhanced VMXNET2 (the previous generation of high performance virtual network device) on VMware vSphere 4 to help users understand the performance benefits of migrating to this next‐generation device. You can …

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The road to VCP 4 certification

source: http://www.vmguru.nl/wordpress/2009/09/the-road-to-vcp-4-certification/Can I take the VCP410 exam without further training?I attended the VI3, Install & configure course but didn’t take the exam yet. Can I take the VCP exam instead? Maureen Lonergan wrote a very neat article on this, ‘Ahead of the learning curve’In this article Maureen talks about the various road which lead to VCP4 certification. In …

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