PernixData Announces General Availability of FVP 1.0

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On the very last Storage Field Day 3 in Denver Colorado where I was invited as a delegate. I was introduced to a brand new startupstill  in stealth mode named PernixData. The company introduction was done by Satyam Vaghani a great story teller. Tomorrow August 6th PernixData will announce the General Availability of FVP 1.0

Be sure to watch all the PernixData Storage Field Day 3 video’s as they all have great content!!

PernixData Introduction

PernixData was founded back in February 2012 by two virtualization experts Poojan Kumar (former VMware Data products lead and ex-Oracle Exadata founder and Satyam Vaghani (former VMware Storage CTO and principal engineer who was responsible for VMFS, VAAI and VVOLs).

PernixData’s Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) is the world’s first and only clustered flash virtualization platform embedded in the hypervisor to provide deterministic and low cost IO performance to unmodified virtual machines (VM) on an existing SAN. PernixData created Flash Virtualization Platform. FVP plugs your ESXi server’s “local” flash/ssd drive into the VMware hypervisor. FVP clusters this into a new tier that enables storage performance to scale out independent of capacity. By optimizing reads and writes at the host level, PernixData FVP reduces application latency from milliseconds to microseconds. Sounds great right? Let’s dig a bit deeper into this brand new tier.

In particular, PernixData will virtualize all server-side flash across all hypervisor nodes in a compute cluster and hook this flash tier into existing VM IO paths to transparently reduce the IOPS burden on an existing storage system. Customers will be able to leverage PernixData’s FVP with their existing SAN deployments and manage it within the context of the hypervisor management tools they are already familiar with.

I have found some interesting video’s for you to watch:

Satyam Vaghani Introduces PernixData

Re-think Storage performance with PernixData FVP

Setting up Flash Clusters using PernixData FVP


  • Enterprise – $7,500 per host (unlimited hosts / VMs)
    Additional packages coming for SMB and Service Providers

FVP Key Benefits

Server-Side Scale Out

FVP seamlessly scales out as you add more servers and server-side flash devices to your virtualized environment. In addition, remote flash devices are leveraged transparently for clustered hypervisor features such as live migrations.

Full read and write acceleration with fault tolerance

FVP accelerates both read and write operations. For write operations, FVP can be configured so that changes to the data are initially committed to the flash and later persisted on the backend storage. In such scenarios data loss is prevented via synchronous replication to flash devices on peer servers in the cluster.

Hypervisor Based

FVP is deployed transparently as a hypervisor-only module and therefore does not have the limitations of guest OS agents or virtual appliances.

Leverage Existing Storage Investments

FVP accelerates virtualized applications while continuing to leverage existing investments in storage, thereby preventing a ‘rip and replace’.

Enterprise Class

FVP has no single point of failure and can survive loss of flash devices, network, servers or backend storage.


FVP is purpose built to augment virtualized environments. It provides per-VM policies and resource management.

Open Architecture

FVP’s open architecture means it can work equally well with any storage, any hypervisor, any flash device and any application.

Ease of Use

FVP is easy to install and manage and can be configured and monitored via an intuitive user interface.

So, What’s Next?

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