PHD launches New Recovery Management Suite

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On August 1th, PHD Virtual launched a brand new Recovery Management Suite which combines the power of PHD ReliableDR with PHD Virtual CloudHook and PHD Virtual Backup. The new PHD Virtual Recovery Management Suite delivers guaranteed recovery in a single, integrated solution. Also PHD released a new version of PHD ReliableDR v3.2, details below.

The Recovery Management Suite combines all three of PHD Solutions and their powerful capabilities:

  • PHD Virtual Backup provides reliable backup, replication and recovery of virtual machines, individual files, and application items.
  • PHD Virtual CloudHook: provides for your cloud backups; convenient cloud storage for offsite data protection.
  • PHD Virtual ReliableDR assures you have your disaster recovery plan in place. Delivering application-aware disaster recovery failover/failback, testing and orchestration.


ReliableDR Functionality

  • Automated, Continuous, Service-Oriented DR Testing
    Maintains the integrity of you DR plan by being service / application centric, not data centric. It takes a business-centric view of an application and its dependencies and then automates the verification of those applications as many as several times per day. The typical DR plan is tested 1-2 times per year. You can test several hundreds or thousands of times per year with ReliableDR!
  • Application-Aware Testing – Measuring of accurate Recovery Time Actuals (RTOs & RPOs)
  • Certified Recovery Points – automatically storing multiple certified recovery points
  • Compliance Reporting – demonstrates DR objective compliance to auditors
  • Test, Failover, and Failback – Automation of failover and failback processes
  • Flexible Replication Options – Integration with all major storage vendors, multiple software based replication solutions including PHD Virtual, and also includes its own zero-footprint software-based replication capabilities.

ReliableDR Architecture


I have previously described Architecture, Editions and Functionality in my 3.1 article here

What’s new with ReliableDR 3.2

  • CertifiedReplica – Automates failover and recovery verification with PHD Virtual Backup and Replication, providing cost-effective, storage agnostic replication that can scale to large environments, save bandwidth with WAN-friendly data transfer, secure with government grade encryption, and conduct granular backup and recovery.
  • CertifiedBackup – Leverages PHD Virtual Backup Instant VM Recovery and ReliableDR application testing to automate detailed application validation of every backup to ensure that recovery will be successful if, and when, recovery becomes necessary. (available with PHDVB 6.5)

See what’s new in ReliableDR 3.2

Video: What’s new in ReliableDR 3.2?

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